These are my archive photos, I attempt to upload my photo here in a daily basis. The ideal situation would be putting up something relevant (text) or technical information with the photos. But if I am busy (lazy) in other stuff... that would be only photos. Welcome to my photo blog!- Mark

masou trout

the trick to get this moment is be there on the right time. fall is the breeding season of the masou trout, the water cool down and clear up and the testosterone fired up... all we need was patient and wait for the right time to click the trigger... me and my brother were luckily enough to have this series of photos. these trout are very shine and extremely spooky...we had lens from 600mm/f4 to 28mm. and this one was taken on the 105mm micro. yes...manual focus to keep up the trout dance...


need frog pattern? this photo was taken probably 8 years ago. i was crazy about those night creatures...owl, frog, snake, flying squerels. i carry two stobes for a better lighting environment. it was VERY fun to be able to crystalize those images and enjoy the whole night scene myself...


another cloudy day, i was waiting for the hatch...

tackle matters

i love fish photo as well as tackle photo. i love to includes rod and reel into the photos.because they work so hard to bring the fish in, they should get some credits. i love this photo, you can tell from the photo that this is in a spring creek, see the weeds...and this was the first trip my buddie use this fiberglass rod and his fancy purist reel... fighting a trout in a spring creek with a fiberglass "wimpy" rod... it's challenge, additive and fun!

creek never too small

creek never feel too small! as soon as you got a fly rod on hand, everything will turns out excellent. went to a creek x is just a excuse. the truth is you just want to put on your wader and point your fly rod to some good looking water... it doesn't really matter if you are really fishing...

Green Power

'if your photo is not good enough, that is because you are not close enough'CAPA. This hold true for wildlife photography. I had 100 micro lens plus extension tubes ready and placed my finger in a "less tasty" position just 20cm away from it's nose. Luckily he did not strike. Phew...

Class Four Striper

In this kind of pocket water, you never knows what will come up to take your fly. None, in this time.


It is relative tough for striper fishing this year,might be have something to do with the drought... It's hard to find them. Well fishing is not just about fish to me, it's about all the scenery and leisure time with rod and reel.


SAGE not only a big name, but also have the ability to make a good rod. This is the rod that I rediscover from my ignorance of big names. Superb XP series! I cast this rod from 1wt line to 8wt line. The quick recover and sensitivity make it absolutely a fantastic fishing machine! Even better than the newer Z-AXIS companion! (A strong opinion, but it hold true in my hand)

Calendat Style

Sometimes I shoot canledar style lol... well, I have no choice... I can not afford go out very often, and you know, for a photographer... you "have to" pull the trigger every now and then... this is addictive business... as much as FF.

A little creek affection

When refer to photography in this blog, it is more and less documentary style. Because I love it, I am not a big fan of calendar thing. It is beautiful! No doubt. Just feel not as powerful as the documentary stuff. Unfortunately, I have to fish alone most of the time, so... the image would be like this, part of my left hand, part of my legs... sometime... A famous jouralist CAPA said, if your photo is not good enough, you are not close enough...


green rock worms, super abundant in freestone creek. it is easy tie and very fishable. I love them.


group bugs

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