These are my archive photos, I attempt to upload my photo here in a daily basis. The ideal situation would be putting up something relevant (text) or technical information with the photos. But if I am busy (lazy) in other stuff... that would be only photos. Welcome to my photo blog!- Mark

Summer hike

a green field, blue sky, valley and friendships. Pentax W-30. All auto setting.

Flyfisherman's Smile

Fly rod on hand, smile in the face... a true flyfisherman's joy! A newbie getting hooked in Flyfishing, what could be better... Canon Rebel XTi, Canon 100/2.8 macro.

Southern Style

Looking for striper run the other day...

Fly- Butterfly

This is a archive photo, taken beside a beautiful trout stream... Nikon coolpix 995 with external SB-26 Flash... who said cheap camera can not make a pro shot?! : )

Nice Hike!

Photo Flies

Photo Flies

Photo Flies

Loop to loop

loop to loop is my favorite style...sadly... not many company provide this simple device in their fly line...

casting in a oxbow lake

Just learn how to cast... not bad at all...

Green Drake Hatch

"Candy Bar Time" That is my brother - Bryan call this magic moment! Size 12 green drake fly float down the spring creek...gulp...splash...smack...It was an action movie all day!

Fiberglass mania 2

the principle of "little is more"! We are talking about fiberglass rod! In a mountain creek about 3 feet wide, 7' 3wt rod seems a little bit over-gunned :P

Fiberglass mania

In a mountain creek only 3 feet wide...surprise by this fat dude...he is the manager of the brookie population... Photoed by Pentax W-3o.

Trout Jump

A endemic small trout in a secret mountain. Those fish were jumping for emerging mayfies... I have no idea why they are jumping for lethargic mayfly! Maybe they were just a HAPPY trout and appreciate the moment...Nikon Coolpix 995 with a lot of try...

Fern Green

Flat Creek

Flat Creek

Flat Creek, Wyoming

Flyfishing Photography is a online photo albumn, i put some of my work here, it's all about flyfishing and everything (or sort of) related to flyfishing. I try to put some field note and technical information beside the photos. But sometimes the momories just a bit far beyond than I can reach. You are welcome to use any of these photos for educational purposes, but, please noted the photos are from this website.


New Fly Fisherman

another newbie...but learning fast...

Red tailed Hawk

Come on! This is related subject! This is flyfishing too. Have heard golden eagle fly? a traditional wet fly pattern... here is the "source" shot!

Bow And Arrow

Fiberglass are good at bow and arrow style, I told you!

Bluebird sky in Wyoming

Hot bright summer day... the fishing is "birdy"... better just bring a pair of binoculars and go birding!

Brown Trout In Utah

In a spring creek... they do have somehow transparent looking skin... a truely beauty! Photo credits: Pentax W-30 and my right index finger!

Brookie from Wyoming

Photoed by Pentax W-30, a very handy camera and produce a consistant quality works! The neat thing about fishing in the Wyoming is "solitude"...actually it is more like a "scary" sometimes. I did not see anyone around for 2 days... and you can predict the fishing is 3rd grade level... every cast you got some action... yes...all on dry! This is how good the western river was!

Steelhead Caddies

dead drift a nymph is my favorite method to take a fish... this larger version of caddis larva tend to imitate caddis and egg patterns at the same time.

Buggie Shot

buggie shot... release some of the cabin fever : )

Hardy Reel

This is NOT my reel... Hardy BugleV...But I do love it! Look at the elegant shape, the beauty of the texture! Oh... only take photo and I am satisfied! : )

Fishing with kid

sweeeetest photo! I would love to fish with kids...there is nothing to do with solitude here...

Fishing with friends!

Fishing with friends, fishing with families! What could be better!! Solitude? NO...No way....I hate solitude! I love to fish with other friends, fish with some other gentlemen... If you fish solitude... who going to take photo for you?! Even worse if you catch a trout of lifetime! : ) This photo was taken in a beautiful Smoky Mountain in last fall. The tree, the wind, even the bear are blessing for the beautiful season! What a trip!

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