These are my archive photos, I attempt to upload my photo here in a daily basis. The ideal situation would be putting up something relevant (text) or technical information with the photos. But if I am busy (lazy) in other stuff... that would be only photos. Welcome to my photo blog!- Mark

Casting a "whimpy" fiberglass rod

Bryan was casting a very very "soft" fiberglass rod. Airrite Japan 3wt 7'. A true specialist for the spring creek. The fly are landed like a feather. We had a great time to fool around with those figerglass rod!

Orchid Island

This is a tropical pacific island full of MahiMahi, GT and Sailfish. The most important thing is I will be fishing there every year!

Provo Browie

This is just another grip and grin shot photo. However, that is a very important regarding to a memorial photo. I learned "caddis dance" from Bryan that day and get my biggest brownie in that trip after I learn the skilly dance 10 minutes later. One of the great service of a photo is they tell you the moment atmosphere, the detail and the truth. (Althogh "the truth" could be more questionable...). I love grip and grin photos. This was taken by Pentax W-30.

Another Trout Predator - Kingfisher

Although I love fish for trout, love to see more trout. It just a plain joy to see those brilliant kingfishers hunt along the river. 'Wow' is my first impression about their brilliant color, 'wow wow' is my second impression to see them dive and pick up trout...

Magic Moment

This was a magic moment of a fishing trip... we hiked out from a fabulos sunsetting. I would get a better shot if these two dudes willing to stop... NO... they don't want...all they have in their mind is "trout"! Well... at least I shoot it anyway and the result is not bad, if not Pentax P&S w-30

Sexy Curve

The way I decribe something irresistible... the sexy curve...

Provo Valley

Heber Vally, I learned trout fishing here... this is my hom eriver...Provo!

Utah Mountain Brown trout

Christmas NC Clave

one of my favorite photo are the memorial photos! Not like Wall Street stocks, the value of these photos only goes up though time! And you don't need fancy equipment at all... all you need is having good time with family and friends!

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